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Our organization has a clearly defined vision that employees understand, and they can communicate our purpose, goals, and future direction.(Required)
Our leaders can paint a picture of the future that produces passion amongst their team members and peers.(Required)
Our leaders can see the future before others and convey it in a meaningful way that produces quality work and action.(Required)
Our organization promotes leaders based on character and values and not because they always agree with those above them.(Required)
All leaders in our organization seek to grow themselves so they can grow others through care and respect.(Required)
Our leaders understand that they must constantly grow and improve others to be an effective leader, not just a manager.(Required)
Our leaders believe that all employees are valuable and contribute to the success of the organization.(Required)
Our organization believes that everyone has untapped potential, and they just need the right career path and encouragement to achieve it.(Required)
Our organization hires people based on cultural fit and values to achieve their greatest potential.(Required)
Our organization has a structure in place to listen and act if any employee is discriminated against or treated unfairly.(Required)
Our organization believes in continuous learning and development of our employees.(Required)
Our organization invests and allocates budget for all employees to receive training and personal development opportunities.(Required)
Our organization has a commitment and an ongoing process or plan for employee training, coaching, and career pathing.(Required)
Market Value
Sales and marketing teams are aligned to the value of our products and services compared to the competition.(Required)
Our organization conducts research to identify if our products and services are priced appropriately compared to the competition.(Required)
Our market share is increasing year over year, and we have strategies in place to win against the competition.(Required)
Voice of Customer
Our organization understands definitively why our customers buy from us vs. the competition.(Required)
Our service team provides feedback on why our customers continue to do business with us.(Required)
Our organization has clear insight into why customers leave or choose to buy from the competition.(Required)
Our employees understand the metrics/KPIs required for success, and leaders provide objective feedback on their progress.(Required)
Our organization consistently improves our processes for work across all departments.(Required)
Our organization is flexible and adapts quickly when a process or protocol is hindering our productivity.(Required)
Our organization promotes open communication with all employees to understand their viewpoints without consequences.(Required)
Our organization has clearly defined how employees should communicate in a constructive and positive manner.(Required)
Our organization has a structure in place to promote open dialogue and acceptance of opposing views.(Required)
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Audit Results

Your organization needs development in all eight areas of Velocity to drive growth and change.
Your organization has areas for improvement to refine and improve your standard practices and management.
Your organization has positive attributes in most areas of Velocity. At this point, you should look to refine and improve processes.
Your organization shows strengths in all eight areas of Velocity. Look for ways to drive growth and move the needle forward.