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G-Velocity is a top-tier business consultancy for leaders charged with implementing organizational initiatives at any scale.

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We Make the Difference

Driving organizational initiatives requires many things for success, but it must start with a solid change management methodology that recognizes first the people, then the process for change to take place and to be sustained.

That’s where G-Velocity makes the difference for organizations of all types and sizes.

We provide proprietary methodology, proven processes and expertise across many industries that improve overall business velocity. Driven by two decades of experience, our mission to grow your business is woven into everything we do. Whether you’re a small business, start-up or Fortune 500, our methodology identifies eight dimensions of business velocity and uses a sustainable, holistic approach to transform the mindset, behavior, and protocols of your business that drive lasting growth.

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Common Challenges Get Custom Solutions

Every organization is unique in its makeup and dynamics, but they often share common challenges in their quest for success no matter their size, industry or goals. See if you identify with any aspects of the common challenges we’ve helped overcome with our custom solutions. We’ve selected eight but there are myriad others and combinations of them. Like we said, each organization is unique and so are the solutions we provide.

Clarity of Vision

Many organizations believe that their vision for success and the initiatives and directives to focus on have been clearly communicated and accepted by their leaders and associates.

They may have had a three-day strategy session to lay out the goals and actions for the next one to three years and walked away excited about where the organization was going.
However, communication and acceptance did not happen. The leaders are left scratching their head as to why.
Speed of New Customer Acquisition

Winning new customers is tough. Research shows that the investment can cost four to seven times more than keeping existing customers.

Unless you are the only one in your market, acquiring new business requires a fundamental understanding of how to win it from the competition. Since many buyers hate change, the process for helping them to overcome their fears is unique and complicated. A structured process helps overcome fears for buyer and seller.
Successful Product Launch

Time, energy and resources have been devoted for research, innovation and creation of new products or improvements to existing products.

Despite everyone’s excitement, two years later, people are wondering why very few were sold. Successful product launches require a holistic and intentional approach across the organization and the customer base to achieve the growth and velocity of the new product in the market.
Talent Acquisition & Management

Long-term success requires having motivated people in the right roles, maximizing their skills and talents intentionally for the organization.

Every organization has a unique culture. Your talent must align with the organizational values and culture. Keeping talent motivated requires respect, recognition and rewards given in various forms that resonate with your talent. There are many moving parts to building and sustaining a people driven organization that drives business velocity.
Driving New Initiatives

Countless times we’ve heard from leaders that people are resisting the initiatives that they want implemented to fuel their growth and efficiency. Whether it’s a sales initiative, new training, or a new software...

program, the sustainment of the actions they hope to see become part of the workflow across teams and functions does not happen. Why? They did not follow a process for change management.
Growing &
Maintaining Accounts

You work hard to win an account, service it, build a solid relationship, and then sell more across the account. Yet the competition manages to steal them away from you. Why?

Customers want experts and advisors that help them make informed decisions. Too many sellers and companies think in terms of relationship but they are not creating real value. This leaves the door open for losing accounts based on price. Sales teams need to learn how to provide real business insights that can lead to greater value.
Succession Planning

As a growing number of people begin to retire, organizations are finding that they have not put together a succession plan. Capturing institutional knowledge, best practices and strategies should be a priority.

The next generation of leaders should be groomed by mentors and nurtured with the leadership skills needed to drive the organization forward. This requires strategy and a clear path to passing the torch successfully.
New Managers Learning to Lead

An individual contributor has recently been promoted to now lead a team. Perhaps they are leading colleagues they used to work with, but now they must change their mindset and develop a different set of skills to manage, coach and lead.

It is imperative to train managers on the leadership skills needed to grow their teams, and for certain roles such as a sales manager, it will require practical skills around sales management to implement business and sales strategy at a higher level.

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